Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gram Suchana Solutions Pvt Ltd. and is a B2B (Business to Business) entity focused on increasing the value to both the farmers and our business Customers (Retail/eCommerce/Hotels, Restaurants, Corporates, Institutions). The company is founded by Silicon Valley veterans and funded by Silicon Valley angel investors.



Freshness of the produce is assured by making the produce available to the customer within 8-22 hours of harvesting it from the farm.The produce is optimally packed and innovative transportation methods are used by Farm Taaza . Grading is done at the source that reduces spoilage by segregating quality produce.


Farm Taaza provides expert advice to the farmers on improving the yield and improving the field operations of the farmer.We have multiple sources of procurement which will assure consistent good quality produce to the customers.
We have tie-ups with various agricultural universities who act as knowledge partners and help us taking improved farm technologies to the field.


Farm Taaza gives its clients a simple and effective interaction tool in form of a mobile app to carry out hassle free transactions in placing the order, tracking the status of the order and various other features.We also provide a provision for individual produce packaging for the convenience of the customers.